Which drone to buy

No substitute for experience

Steel City drones has been on the forefront of drone technology for over 10 years. We custom built drones when there were no ready to fly drones on the market. Today there is an oversaturation of drones that are readily available and it can quite confusing as to what really is worth the money. That’s why we test every new drone on the market as soon as it comes out and put it through a thorough evaluation process. We pass this information on to you to help you select the right drone and support equipment. When we give advise on what to buy, its advice based on what’s best for you, not what a store is trying to move on inventory.

Testing parameters

We use these testing parameters to grade each drone on the market.

• Wind performance
• Maximum flight time
• Camera functions and overall quality
• Construction, build quality and durability
• Overall ease of operation.
• How diversitile it is
• Value for cost.

Watch this video to see a sample of how we evaluate drone equipment

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WXVV9erFwg[/embedyt]

There is no perfect drone

We are often asked what is the perfect drone. There has never been a drone manufactured that does every feature for every application exceptionally well. What will work for one application, won’t necessary work well for another. For example, you wouldn’t buy the same type of drone you want to make a film for as you would inspecting a cell tower or bridge.

We fly what we recommend

You will find that out most companies that sell drones have no experience flying what they sell. How can someone recommend a drone if they don’t use them? With our aerial production business, our drone operators use drones every day in every application possible so they need the right equipment. We know what works because we incorporate the ones that work best.

We partner with reputable dealers

We do not sell anything directly so we have no motive to sell anything. We offer this service as part of our overall consultation services to provide the best service possible to our clients. We partner with the dealers in the country that give excellent services with hard to beat pricing so you get the best of both worlds and get the added protection to make sure your drone warranty will be covered.

The best drone manufacturers don’t honor 3rd party reseller purchases

Warranties are a big issue when purchasing through 3rd party resellers. If you buy a drone from Amazon, or Ebay or Walmart of any 3rd party reseller, most manufacturer’s will not honor the warranty. This is something that the resellers don’t want you to know as they will do anything to move inventory. A drone warranty repair can be $1000 or higher in some instances, so be aware.

Be aware of the “ONLINE RESELLERS”

Many people make the mistake of buying from an online reseller to get the best price possible. The problem with this is that most dealers are going to sell you what they are trying to move in inventory. So if they have 50 drones of X brand, and drones of Y brand, they will tell you that you want X brand regardless if it’s the right fit for you.


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