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St Johns County Sheriff’s Department in Florida is using drones to deliver lifejackets and flotation devices.

Steel City Drones Flight Academy had the privilege of training St. Johns County Sheriff Dept on a Matrice 300 RTK that was equipped with a custom drop system. This drop system allows first responders to deliver life-saving equipment to the victims before rescue teams can get to their location

In our training demonstration, First Responders flew the Matrice 300 feet to our swimmer located 800 feet from the shore. While facing 22mph winds, First Responders were able to deliver a life jacket within 5 feet of our simmer’s location.

With recent land attractions benign shutdown, beach attendance is rising as people look for outdoor activities. As such, this greatly increases more beach and water-related incidents. By implementing UAV technology as part of emergency response and rescue, the potential life-saving applications for simmers, surfers, and beach-goers are exponential.

Watch Footage of the Drop Off

Matrice 300 RTK

Learn more about why the Matrice 300 RTK has become the Go-To Drone for Law Enforcement, Fire, and EMS.



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