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We offer a wide variety of drone training and consulting services to fit your needs.
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FAA Part 107 Test Prep

• We guide you step by step of what to study for and how to prepare in the least amount of time.
• We explain aeronautical course material in easy to understand language.
• Our program separates the aeronautical knowledge geared more for airplane pilots to significantly reduces your study time.
• See custom made videos from our expects on each area of study that will be on the test.
• Money back guarantee – If you pass our practice test you will be pass the FAA test or we will refund your money.
• Course cost $99.99

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Pathway to making a career in the drone industry

• This course provides a road map for what you need to do get a job in the industry.
• Save significant time and money with advice from our expects. Our experts can steer you in the right direction.
• Consists of a phone call consultation with our leading drone expects for up to 1 hour.
• We discuss the time and expenses needed to making a career in this industry including
o FAA Part 107 studying requirements
o Drone equipment investments
o Industries that are looking for drone operators

• Course cost $49.99

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Corporate drone training – We train anywhere in the US

• Corporate drone training packages.
• We travel to your facility anywhere in the United States or Canada.
• Consists of 2 or 3 full days of training that incorporates multiple classes such as
o Drones 101 – Intro to Flying Drones.
o Advanced flying and how to properly do a job from start to finish.
o Documentation, risk assessment, and equipment maintenance.
o Advanced ground school
• Limit of 4 people per group session.
• Course costs vary on how many days of training and the associated travel costs.
• Contact us for package pricing.
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Drones 101 – An intro to drones

• In this 2 hour course we assume you know nothing about flying or operating drones and teach you all the necessary fundamentals.
• You will fly one on one with an experienced professional.
• We provide you a professional drone to fly.
• We teach you the 4 fundamental drone controls.
• We review the different systems on a drone.
• We show you why drones are easy to fly but difficult to control.
• We review the main reasons why people crash.
• We guarantee that you will gain confidence in your ability to fly.
• We offer training onsite at your location.
• Course cost $99.99 - Travel expenses extra.

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Drones 201 - Advanced class

• Perfect for drone operators that have at least 20 hours of flying under the belt.
• We pack our 5000 flights of experience and knowledge into this class.
• Learn to develop a different way of approaching jobs from a safety stand by mitigating risk by executing risk assessments.
• Learn how to recover your drone in different emergency situations
• Learn advanced flying techniques.
• Advanced ground school training.
• How to apply for FAA waivers and get them approved the first time.
• Course cost $115

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Post Certification, now what?

• So you got your FAA certification and don’t know what to do? Our leading experts can help guide you to being successful in this industry.
• Consists of up to a 2 hour consultation where our leading expects give you the following information.
o We teach you how to identify restricted airspace in less than 1 minute time.

o Discuss insurance and where to get the best deal.
o Discuss private property issues.
o How to successfully apply for restricted airspace and night time flying waivers.
o Where to look for drone jobs in the industry.
• Course cost $79.99

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DJI drone training

• This course teaches you how to operate your DJI drone (any model).
• We teach you how to optimize your DJI drone to it’s a maximum capability.
• We thoroughly review all Go App settings
• We review proper battery usage and maintenance (critical info)
• Learn how to perform firmware updates.
• Learn how to recalibrate the IMU and GPS compass systems.
• We discuss the limitations of the stock GPS system and what kind of situations you should avoid flying.
• Course cost $129.99

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Intro to Drone Photography

• This course gives you the key fundamentals to take good pictures using drones.
• We review all key elements of photography and how to use it with drones.
• We spent considerable time on the following parameters
o How to properly exposure your photographs.
o How to properly frame your photographs.
o How Aperture, ISO, and shutter speed effects your pictures.
o When to use lens filters.
o Difference between RAW and compressed JPG’s
• After the flying portion, you will go back to the editing studio and review the pictures you took and teach you basic editing techniques.
• Course cost $199.00

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Lightroom 101

• Lightroom is essential for getting the best of out your Drone pictures.
• This 3 hour class introduces the RAW format and workflow to unlock the powerful potential of your drone pictures.
o Learn to Import/export pictures
o Learn to edit pictures and make adjustments.
o Learn how to read and use a histogram
o Learn basic color grade techniques
o Learn best practices to deliver pictures to your client.
• Course cost $199.00

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Intro to Drone video

• This course is an introduction on how to capture professional video content
o Review of camera basics such as exposure, ISO, shutter speed.
o Differences between 4K and 1080P and 720P
o What lens filters to use and when
o Selecting lenses to use and when.
o Why use a dedicated camera operator?
o Differences between different formats such as Raw, Pro Res, and H264.
o Course cost $199.00

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Steel City Drones - Flight Academy
Advanced Drone film-making

• This course assumes you know the basics covered in "Intro to Drone video"
o We cover different types of drone shots.
o We cover compressed versus uncompressed.
o We cover the raw workflow and environment.
o We discuss how to bring raw into editing software.
o How discuss how to optimize output files to clients.
• Course cost $115

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