• Making a Career in the Drone Industry

    Save yourself lots of time and money with advice from our experts!

    This 1-hour 'Ask The Pro' consultation program is designed for people at different stages of their business goals and need some assistance. As such, we offer drone consultation on a variety of topics that suit your needs and level, from Complete Beginner that's unsure how to get started to a Certified Operator looking to get their foot in the door.
  • Save yourself time & money learning Commercial Drones operations from our experts! This course teaches you how to operate your drones within a commercial space. Our experts will teach you how to optimize your drone to its maximum capability.
  • Post FAA Part 107 Certified

    You got your FAA certification ...Now what?

    Our leading experts can guide you through the next steps to becoming successful in the drone industry. This 2-hour consultation with one of our leading experts will help navigate you on what steps to take after you have been FAA Part 107 Certified.
  • Maximize your DJI drone capabilities

    Save yourself learning-curve time with DJI drones from our dji experts!

    This course teaches you how to operate your own DJI drone (any model). Our experts will teach you how to optimize your DJI drone to its maximum capability.
  • Drone Film-making 101 | Introduction

    It's no secret that drones are an integral part of film-making

    From landscape shots to action cinematic footage, drones are becoming the main go-to method for obtaining aerial footage. This 2-hour course is an introduction on how to capture professional video content using drones.
  • Advanced film-making with drones

    Learn advanced techniques to film-making with drones!

    This course assumes you know the basics covered in 'Drone Film-Making 101' and are ready to learn advanced techniques that will take your drone video projects to a professional level.
  • Get quality photos with a drone.

    Learn techniques that will advance your drone photography skills!

    In this 4 hour introduction course we give you the fundamentals to photography with drones. We'll spend a considerable amount of time teaching you the main elements of drone photography and how to achieve quality photos.
  • Just starting out? We believe after completing this course you will gain confidence in your ability to fly! Drone 101 is a 2-hour introduction course to drones. You will fly one-on-one with an experienced professional that will teach you all the necessary fundamentals to operating your drone.
  • Learn how to properly edit your drone photos.

    Getting the best of out your drone photography is essential.

    This 3 hour course introduces you to Adobe ‘Lightroom’, the industry standard program for photo editing. We will cover the fundamentals in photo editing that will give you the main keys in achieving quality results.
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