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Steel City Drones offers onsite drone training to companies throughout the United States. Our program gives your team the necessary skills to fly commercial drones safely and efficiently. Whether your crew is brand new to drones or already FAA-certified, we’ll teach them all they need to know.

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Expert Drone Flight Training Courses

We provide high-quality, comprehensive drone flight lessons based on your needs and objectives. Our experts are used to working with individuals and companies of all experience levels, and we’ll meet you where you need us. The goal is to get your crew flying in the shortest amount of time possible.

  • Law Enforcement
  • First Responders
  • Utilities
  • Surveying/Mapping
  • Construction
  • Industrial Inspection
  • Matrice 300 RTK
  • Mavic 3
  • Mavic 2 Enterprise advanced
  • Autel Evo II Dual
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Here’s WHAT our onsite drone training courses look like:

Introduction to Drones & UAV Equipment

If your team is unfamiliar with drones, we’ll spend a day familiarizing you with the equipment.

Our experts will review one piece at a time to ensure your team understands every aspect of drone care, handling, and accident prevention.

This class includes the following topics:

  • Equipment Overview
  • How to assembly the aircraft platform
  • How to setup all support equipment
  • How to turn on the aircraft and all accessories
  • All features and functions of a drone – How does a drone work?
  • What are the technology limitations?
  • Proper care and maintenance needed for aircraft batteries
  • How to use the remote controller and all DJI flying apps.
  • How to practice safely and effectively in between training sessions

Flying Techniques

This course is all about flying. We’ll teach you up to 15 different practice exercises that involve flying drones manually without automation.

This part of the training is beneficial for both newbies and experienced drone pilots. From flying fundamentals to more advanced techniques, we’ll cover everything.

Some of the lessons in this course include:

  • 14 different practice exercises to improve flying competencies.
  • How to recover an aircraft when automation fails and orientation is lost.
  • Emergency abort situations and when to execute them.
    Identifying launch and recovery limitations.
  • An introduction to flying in manual mode.
  • Wind correction techniques
    Depth perception tests and limitations.
  • Practical line of sight versus line of sight from far distances.
  • Helicopter risk mitigation strategies.
  • Far-distance missions.

Advanced Ground School

One of our primary objectives is to help your team plan successful drone flights. A big part of that is preparation, risk assessment, and resource management.

We will spend the entire day going over the nuts and bolts of successful flight operations.

This course consists of:

  • Certificate of Authorization vs. Part 107.
  • The difference between Airspace Waiver and an Authorization.
  • Using LAANC and Air Map to determine FAA airspace
    The Rules for flying above the 400-foot altitude restriction.
  • Best weather prediction sources.
  • Mission assessment
    Introduction to Aeronautical decision making.
  • Introduction to Crew Resource Management.
  • Implementing Risk Mitigation into flight planning.
  • Preparation for worst-case situations.

Commercial & Tactical Application

In this course we’ll teach you about commercial applications. This is where we collaborate to understand how your team will put drones into action. 

Whether you’re a law enforcement group or a real estate business, we’ll customize the training to meet your industry-specific needs.

This course covers:

  • Preflight Portion:
    • Thoroughly evaluating the flying location
    • Pre-site evaluation – Assessment
    • Risk Mitigation strategies – Can the risks be mitigated properly.
    • Evaluating the weather
    • Resource Management – What resources (People & Equipment) are needed to fly safely.
    • Final GO or NO GO decision – Is it safe to fly
  • Flight Mission:
    • Onsite risk mitigation evaluation
    • Implementing appropriate plan (includes visual observers and defining their roles)
    • Communication strategies
    • Executing the planned flight-missions
    • Camera usage for visual and thermal applications.
    • 2-person team exercises where each participant is a Pilot and a camera Op.
    • Emergency abort situations.


FAA PART-107 Classroom Course

The FAA Part 107 classroom course is designed to get you certified in the least amount of time. 

We remove all the aeronautical elements dedicated to airplane pilots and focus directly on what you need as a drone operator.
Our Expert Instructor covers everything you need to prep for the FAA Part 107 exam including expert curriculum, official FAA documents needed for study, and one-on-one assistance

Subjects we cover are:


**This course is available for One or Two-day 8-hour classes

Command Vehicle Training

This course trains participants on how to use drones in a tactical-team application involving a mobile command center.

We will cover how to get operate in the safest manner possible while also yielding positive and repeatable results.

We can supply our own tactical vehicle or train on your own command vehicle.

This Course includes:

  • Dedicated Remote Pilot, and a dedicated camera operator.
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation planning.
  • Utilizing resources correctly such as visual observers
  • Proper workflow of operations including the camera operator inside the vehicle.
  • Efficient use of all Public Safety and Mission flight resources.
  • Learn communication techniques essential for drone missions.
  • Monitor 2 drones at the same time and 4 different sources overall
    Dronesense App (If applicable).
  • Your agency will choose a scenario to practice real-life missions such as search and rescue, hazmat, event monitoring, active protests, and swat applications.

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