Allegheny County Fire Marshal’s drone training program

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The Allegheny County Fire Marshal’s office had Steel City Drones Flight Academy prepare a custom Drone integration program for them which included purchasing a DJI M200 aircraft system.  Steel City Drones designed a complete drone program which included a 75 page SOP manual, and worked with the County on developing all internal work flow processes for drone integration.   Steel City Drones Flight Academy met with key stakeholders and developed their program based on their operational requirements.  Allegheny County officers then went through all phases of training including introduction to drones, advanced ground school, advanced and commercial flight applications where they learned to fly completely without any flight automation and how to go through a commercial job from start to finish.

Here’s what the clients had to say about the training and services provided.

“Dave King of Steel City Drones Flight Academy was introduced to us about a year ago. Since then, Allegheny County Emergency Services has contracted Steel City Drones to develop our Standard Operating Procedures, as well as providing training and equipment/drone purchases. I am extremely impressed by Dave’s eager and willingness to make our unit the best that it can be. Dave provided us with valuable guidance on our most recent purchase of the DJI M200, which suits our missions perfectly. The Standard Operating Procedure that Steel City Drones developed are extremely in-depth and encompass every aspect of the drone operation and flight procedures, with a strong emphasis on safety. In addition to Steel City’s Drone Flight training, Dave has met with myself and others to provide one on one ground school tutoring and test preparation. With Dave’s help, I achieved a 93% on the Part 107 exam.”

“Steel City Drones flight School has been there every step of the way. Their attention to detail and focus on safety is commendable.  I speak from experience, from attending other drone test and operation preparation courses, they are more focused on the students learning how to fly safely and in accordance with FAA regulations than just learning enough to pass the Part 107 exam.”

“Obviously, I cannot say enough about our satisfaction with Steel City Drones.  In my experience they are second to none!”


Detective Jason Costanzo