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Getting Started with Commercial Drone Flying!

Commercial Drone flying is different from recreational drone flying. From assessing risk management to honing-in specialized flight control skills to maneuver around an array of locations and conditions, it can often catch ill-prepared newcomers by surprise.

We have designed this easy, video course for new and up-coming commercial remote pilots. We cover all the essentials you will need to get started with commercial flying that includes tips and exercises you can implement immediately that will help you become an expert remote pilot.

Steel City Drones will walk you through the steps that you need to know, starting with the “Training Wheels” (Autopilot), and working your way up to Manual Operations (Note: Your drone should have Manual operation ability for this course). It is our goal to take you to the next level on your way to becoming one of the best-trained drone pilots in the United States.


What To Expect?

Our course is designed by Dave King, an industry expert that understands how to make the curriculum and training easy-to-understand. Each lesson contains step-by-step explanations by our instructor that enables you to easily follow along and visually see ‘How’ and What’ you need to do.



Our Commercial Drone Flying course curriculum covers everything you need to know to fly commercially with confidence.


  • What type of location is best for practicing
  • What types of locations are not good for practicing
  • Getting proper flight-permissions when needed
  • Tips on planning ahead before you begin
  • What is aircraft orientation
  • How the aircraft responds to the orientation
  • How the aircraft’s orientation affects your ability to fly
  • How to use visual markers to establish orientation
  • Introduction to flight controls
  • Reviewing all flight control options
  • How first milestone ties into the bigger picture
  • On-site demonstration
  • Full Stick exercise
  • Why circles are not just circles
  • How to perform circles
  • Aligning front orientation to flight path
  • One-Finger vs Two-Finger stick control
  • Best height considerations for viewing aircraft orientation
  • Performing exercise
  • Effects of reverse orientations
  • Why you need to practice reverse orientation
  • Setting a target
  • Performing the exercise
  • Issues caused by aircraft orientation
  • How reliable is surface and forecast wind
  • How to get accurate and real-time wind speed/direction
  • Preparing to do rectangles
  • How wind affects the flight line
  • Performing the exercise
  • Precautions in ATTI Mode
  • Exercise Tips
  • Performing the exercise
  • Wind test considerations
  • How to engage ATTI mode
  • Take off and landing precautions
  • Common fears and anxiety for new remote pilots
  • Using the horizon to develop reference points for sight pictures
  • Visual illusions of flying
  • Developing a reference sight pictures
  • What not to do when performing this exercise
  • Minimum safety margins when using the horizon
  • Samples of sight picture in different aircraft orientations
  • Precautions before practicing this exercise
  • Performing the exercise at the practice facility
  • Misconceptions about this exercise
  • Exercise summary
  • Challenges of the exercise
  • Exercises that prepare you for this exercise
  • Cautions to consider before the attempting the exercise
  • How wind affects the different legs of the pattern
  • Performing the exercise
  • Why rectangles are more than just rectangles
  • Exercise tips


I’m New To Commercial Drone Flying, But, Do I Really Need To Take A Course?

We understand many drone hobbyists have become very comfortable with recreational flying. Over time many begin to consider turning their hobby into a form of income. That’s great! There’s nothing like making some extra money, or a career, out of something you enjoy doing.

Having said that, one big mistake often made by new commercial remote pilots is thinking they can simply take turn their recreational flight experience into a commercial application. All too often they are ill-prepared and run into several unforeseen issues that they never experienced when recreational flying. As a hobbyist, you often get the choice of location, the days/conditions you choose to fly, and so on. When taking on a commercial job, however, there are many new factors, conditions, and flight patterns that are not often experienced during recreational flying. As such, you’ll need to be become skilled in navigating and assessing those commercial flights before taking on a job.

Simply put, if you want to start on the right foot, impress your clients, and decrease risk to your equipment and others, then the answer is, Yes. This Commercial Flight Course will give you a head-start while also saving you a ton of unwanted surprises, heart-ache, and money.

Learn Commercial Drone Flight - Online Course - Steel City Drones Flight Academy

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