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Our online FAA Part 107 prep course is designed to get you certified in the least amount of time. We remove all the aeronautical elements dedicated to airplane pilots and focus directly on what you need as a drone operator.

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Steel City Flight Academy guarantees that if you follow our course and pass our official FAA Practice Test you will pass the Official FAA Part 107 Certification exam. If you don’t pass the official exam, you get your money back!


2021 Updates

Our Part 107 Study Guide has been updated to reflect the newest 2021 FAA test requirements. We have included several new additional topics:

  • Night Flying
  • Flying over People
  • Remote I.D.
  • New Recurrency test requirements
  • The LAANC system and airspace authorizations

Pass The Official Part 107 Exam

If you want to earn income with your drone then FAA Part 107 certification is required by law for drone pilots to fly UAS or UAVs for commercial and business purposes.

Taking the FAA Part 107 pilot exam, also called the “Airman Knowledge Test”, can be overwhelming for many. The official exam covers several topics that can be quite extensive and exhausting to prep and study.

Steel City Drones Flight Academy’s Online FAA Part 107 Test Prep course is designed by our experts that understand how to teach the information you need in an easy-to-understand manner. After completing our prep course you will have the confidence to take the official exam and become Part 107 certified!

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Our FAA Part 107 course curriculum covers everything you need to prep for the FAA Part 107 exam including expert videos, Official FAA documents needed for study, and our expert teachers that are available to assist you.


Sectional Charts and Maps topics include:  Identifying airports, airspace, obstructions and related activities related to UAV piloting. Identifying restricted airspace, reading distance scales, deciphering longitude and latitude coordinates, and much more. The FAA exam focuses a lot on Sectional maps and Charts, therefore we will spend extra time in this area to be certain you understand drone operations related to sectional maps and charts and can pass that section of the Official FAA Part 107 exam.
Airspace topics include: Aerospace Theory from the Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge,  Regulatory and Non-regulatory airspace, Identifying airspace on FAA Sectional Maps, and learning about the 6 class types (A, B, C, D, E, and G) of controlled airspace.
Airport Operation and Radio Communication topics include: traffic patterns, radio calls, runway markers, rules & regulations when flying in restricted airspace and all control-tower operations and communicate information related to drone operators.
Weather classifications,  weather movements, reading weather charts (VFR, IFR, and current weather), ceiling-type reports, sigmets, airmets, understanding metars data, tafs (terminal aerodrome forecasts) and much much more.
After completing all the lesson plans you can take our Official FAA Part-107 Practice Test.  Our test will show you if you are ready to take the official exam or need more study time. If you pass our official practice test then we believe you will pass the official Part 107 exam. In addition, you can choose to quiz yourself on specific topics or create your quiz to direct the section you wish to practice more.
Our bonus material provides tips and advice for drone operators in-the-field.
Airspace Workflow: Tips on faster methods to know if specific airspace is restricted.
How To Do A Job: This video gives you an expert summary on how to complete a drone operation job from start-to-finish.

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One-Time Fee – Life-Time Access


  • Minimize Time – We guide you on what and how to study within the least amount of time.
  • Easy To Understand – Our curriculum and aeronautical material has been designed into an easy-to-understand platform.
  • Only What You Need – Aeronautical info meant for airplane pilots has been removed to focus directly on information needed for drone operators.
  • Instructors – Real expert instructors are available to answer questions via email and phone.
  • Videos – Expert videos on all course topics for better optimal studying and understanding.
  • Documents – You will have access to download all the official FAA documents needed to study.
  • Practice Tests – We provide an official FAA practice test. You also have options for Topic-tests and ‘Make your Own’ quiz.

Do I Need Part 107 Certification?

If you are planning to operate a drone commercially and get paid for your drone services, then you will need a Part 107 Certification pilot licence. Under federal law, all drone operators wanting to earn income or make a business with drones need FAA Part 107 Certification. To fly drones commercially without certification will lead to serious fines for each regulation that is violated during each single flight under Part 107 and acquiring real clientele without certification would be impossible.

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