David King

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  • Over 5000 Incident-Free flights of Aerial Client Content
  • Building and Flying Drones Since 2009
  • FAA Part 107 Certified and Licensed
  • FAA 333 Exemption Commercial Licensed
  • FAA Sports Pilots License for flying a Cessna 162 Sky Catcher
  • Board of Director for Certified Remote Pilots Association of America
  • 25 years Experience in the AV-Electronics-Engineering
  • Bachelor Degree in Information Technology and Electronics

David King is a pioneer in the drone industry. He began his career in 2009 by engineering his own custom heavy lifter drone systems, long before there were ready-to-fly drones in the market.

Having the foresight to see the advantages of using drone technology in many business and service applications, David developed leading services and integration technology specified to each of those areas. Such services include: film-making/cinema, real-estate, commercial use, inspections, public safety (law enforcement & fire) and construction. Before long, he started to be called-on for his specialized services across the country.

Since his beginnings, David has worked all over the country performing drone operations for hundreds of clients, individuals, public service industries and corporations alike.

David flys more than just flying drones, he also enjoys flying the Cessna 1620 Skycatcher when he has time.

Training: David King has trained a wide variety of customers ranging from, recreational flyers, corporations, police departments, fire departments and even news channels. To name a few: Pittsburgh KDKA 2, Charleroi Police Department, Allegheny County Police, Fire Marshall Department and many other companies and individuals seeking expert hands-on training from David.

Teaching: In addition, David teaches drone classes and workshops at dozens of universities and colleges such as, IUP University, Carnegie Mellon University, Community College of Allegheny County and dozens of other Colleges and Universities within the Pittsburgh and Tri-State area. This, of course, does not count the many individual drone-operators that have received one-on-one course teaching.

Speaking Engagements: David has been asked to speak for many special events and media outlets about drone operation. Such speaking engagements include t.v. news and media outlets, special events such as, Howard Hanna National convention in Ohio, the Western PA Chief’s of Police at Shannopin Country Club,  Drone workshop for the AOPA at Butler County Airport and many more.

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